13+ Ways to Share Tech Tips with Colleagues

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TL;DR. This acronym is a huge part of our culture, especially as educators. Are you familiar with it? It stands for Too Long; Didn’t Read.  We are bombarded with so much information that, when it’s long, we often don’t read it. Our email inboxes are the biggest example of this.

And this presents a problem for educators hoping to communicate new tech ideas and tips with a staff of teachers.  Sending emails to some of the busiest people on the planet in the age of over-information? You’re definitely not getting 100% readership.  So what do we do?

In episode 32 of the Educational Duct Tape PodcastSethi De Clercq of eduflip.net and I discussed our recommendations.  Then, on 12/4/19, members of the #EduDuctTape Twitter community got together to chat about it.  Here are some takeaways:

Do more than 1 thing to maximize your audience reach!

Go Analog!

I know that I had a really big “aha moment” when Sethi pointed out how silly it is that we try to communicate tech tips with people who may not be excited about tech using tech.  Why not use paper?

What I've found that works really really well is just to move away from the tech in order to teach the tech... I decided: 'let's just go with plain old paper.'...We need to differentiate with our colleagues. Not everyone enjoys receiving information the same way."

Use a “tear off” poster!

Hang information where you have a captive audience


Organize all tips & resources in one location.

Both OneNote & Wakelet were shared as options, but there are plenty of possibilities out there!

“Drop in” regularly!

By “drop in” I mean, stop by their room.  It’s not another pun for Potty PD.  Anyhow, check out the replies to this one to see how Patrick used data to inform this practice!  I also love his “ground rules” for these drop ins!

Advertise on your door!

Be “on call” via Google Hangouts or Skype!

Send out videos!

They can be watched whenever!

Regularly offer in-person PD


Present regularly at faculty meetings

Use Social Media

Send those emails

It might not reach everyone, but at least it reaches a portion of your audience!

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