Video Feedback in Microsoft Teams

📹 Microsoft Teams just released a video feedback option!

📺 Check it out in video form on TikTokInstagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts. 📺

If you’re a Microsoft Teams user, you’ll now see a video feedback option in the feedback pane that pops up on the right.

You’ll still see the normal options: selecting a student, selecting an assignment to view, text feedback, and points . . . but now you’ll see a little video button!

Click on it, record right there, and then click upload to automatically attach it to the assignment!

You’ll also see a paperclip option that’ll allow you to attach a different file as part of your feedback. There are lots of possibilities for what you may upload like an annotated screenshot or a video that you had prepared outside of Microsoft Teams.

One issue is that, unless I’m missing something, the video is webcam only, so you won’t be able to add screencast feedback, which would be really beneficial. So, in that case, you’d record elsewhere and then attach it, or insert a link to it.

This powerful feedback and assessment update is available for all Teams EDU users.

📺 Check it out in video form on TikTokInstagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts. 📺

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