Two New Question Types in Quizziz

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Quizziz has added two different question types in their PAID version; matching and reordering. Let’s talk about matching first. 


Matching means exactly what you think, match the question/prompt with the answer.

Image shows Quizziz matching example

The teacher vertically aligns the prompt with the answer. A with apple and B with ball and C with cat etc. However, when it is sent out live, students will see the choices mixed up requiring them to drag the correct images or answers together.


Image shows Quizziz picture matchingPictures can also be used, which is really nice for elementary-age students or visual learners.  In the example, the student would drag the picture down to the correct word, and then click submit. Remember, this is for the premium or paid version only.


Reordering questions is a pretty similar setup. While at a recent conference, I was able to experiment with this new update. 

I had to dImage shows Quizziz reordering examplerag numbers into the correct order from smallest to largest. Thankfully since I taught math for nine years, I got this one correct! Good thing my middle school math skills are still going strong even though I’m not in the math classroom.

Comments or thoughts? I’d love to hear them!


📺 Check this out in video form on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts. 📺

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