Transcription in Loom

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Loom has Transcriptions!

Loom has added transcription, which is huge for accessibility. ALL plans, even free plans, will have the transcription feature for FREE! This includes not just ones you recorded today, but ones you recorded years ago.  All of a sudden, ALL your vides will have transcription! So open your oldest video in Loom,  and  you’ll find that there’s now a transcript. You may discover that it’s not 100% Image of transcription example in Loom. correct, at least I’m assuming, because it’s automated, right? It’s machine learning, so it’s not gonna hear every word perfectly. For example, when I say “definitely”, my phone always types “deathly”. Why does it do that? So weird. I must need to pronounce “definitely” better. Anyhow, I can go in and edit the mistakes in the loom transcript, even in the free version, which is awesome!

Stitch Loom Recordings Together

Image of Loom clips stitched together.

Loom has also added the ability to stitch recordings together.  So, if you record a video on Monday, and then record another on Tuesday, you can stitch them together to make one video. SO nice for Loom users!  

📺 Check this out in video form on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts. 📺

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