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I recently shared a boatload of Canva updates, but it was too much to fit into one post, so I’ve got a few more to share today! 

When I saw this first one, I said wait, there’s a PDF Editor in Canva too!? I stumbled upon this one and I’m super excited about it. You can import your PDFs into Canva and edit them for free! It even breaks the uploaded PDF into editable elements! Want to customize some things or delete elements? You can! Wow.

Just go to the upload option in the top right and upload a PDF.  Then, head to your projects and click on the PDF to open it and mess around with it!

You can easily change, add, or delete text. You can add images, lines, shapes, and other content. You can even use the built-in Draw app–which is in beta–to add a signature! It was tough with my trackpad, but on a touchscreen, it’d be much easier. What a great idea. You can use add, remove and reorder pages, so that means you can merge or split PDFs.  They listed some other features that I haven’t found yet, like the ability to rotate pages. I’m sure it’s there somewhere.

And don’t forget: you can collaborate on these too!

When you’re all done, you can share these right on the Canva site, turn them into presentations or websites, or download them as images or PDFs. And, if you share them on Canva, you can even check the viewing statistics!

Like all of these Canva features, they’re free with some limitations.

However, for us educators, there are very few limitations because education accounts are FREE!  With PDFs, the maximum file size is 15 MB, and the maximum number of pages in an import is 15 pages.  There are some other things that they don’t have support for yet including ”soft masks, shading, tiled patterns, JPEG 2000 or JBIG images, and color filters.”  I don’t really know what those things are – lol – so I guess it’s no big deal for me!

I will say, though, it’s not a perfect tool. As you can see, we still get those weird OCR-text things that we see in other apps, like text that rotates between capital and lowercase letters… and sometimes it can’t even read a font at all. So, it’s got a ways to go, but remember: it’s all editable, so if the errors are minimal, you can fix them right inside Canva.

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