Speeding Up YouTube Videos

Ben Franklin coined the phrase “Time is money.” ¬†Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim invented YouTube. ¬† It’s a match made in heaven. ¬†Well, kinda.

There is so much content available for educators and their students to learn from on YouTube. ¬†Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t have enough time to watch those videos.

Know of a 20 minute tutorial that you’d like to watch, but only have 15 minutes available? ¬†I’ve got the solution for you!

Click the gear in the bottom-right corner of a YouTube video to access the speed settings. ¬†I recommend 1.5x for most videos, 1.25x if it’s highly technical. ¬†When I’m watching my own videos to “proof” them or look for a certain spot in the video, I go with 2x.

But the best advice I can give you – check out this video in 2x and 0.5x speed. ¬†You’re welcome.

YouTube Speed Animation

Adding Audio in Google Slides (Hack)

Listen, I get it – when you’re showing your students¬†the chambers of the heart, you want to have “Total Eclipse of the Heart” playing. ¬†And, when you teach your class¬†about the food chain, you need “Hungry Like the Wolf” rocking out of your speakers. ¬†But, guess who doesn’t get it? ¬†Google. ¬†No audio in Google Slides. ¬†Sorry, no music for you.

But! ¬†I’ve got your back. ¬†When you present about the states of water, you need to be playing this, or maybe this. ¬†I didn’t invent this hack, but I created a GIF to showcase it for you.

Step by step instructions are below the GIF.

Adding Audio in Google Slides Animation

  1. Insert > Video
  2. Search for & Insert the video for the song you want from YouTube
  3. Right Click, Video Options
  4. Select “Autoplay when presenting”
  5. If desired, set a specific start time
  6. Make the video tiny
  7. Rock out when in presentation mode
  8. Keep in mind – your song will stop when you move on to the next slide, so plan accordingly

Note – this is a copyright gray area (or worse), for sure. I always try to use Vevo videos, because we at least we know that those were uploaded by the companies that own the rights to those music videos.