***NOTE: On 8/29/18, I received word on Twitter that TwitListManager is either no longer working or not working consistently. I haven’t confirmed “what’s up.” An alternative called was suggested.¬† I have not used it and cannot confirm its quality, safety or reliability. Others do recommend it though!***

If you’ve been on Twitter for a long time, you probably follow more people than you can possibly keep up with. ¬†And, if you’re like me, it probably bums you out when you’re missing some good posts from some of the people that you really want to see¬†everything from.

The solution is lists. ¬†Create lists in Twitter that contain the “important” people or that relate to a certain thing (i.e., the school you work for). ¬†Don’t worry: your lists can be private.

Well, if you’ve ever created lists in Twitter, you know that it’s clunky. TwitListManager is the best solution for that that I’ve found. ¬†Go to the site, log into Twitter and assign all of the accounts you follow to certain lists. ¬†Easy-peasy.


TwitListManager Animation

My strategy:

  • First, I have lists for my school district and my friends (I read every tweet in those¬†lists).
  • Second, I separate¬†everyone into Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3. ¬†Level 1 are the people who I really want to see posts from. ¬†I try to read all of them. ¬†Level 2 are people who I’d like to read the posts from, but they’re not a priority. ¬†Maybe if I have to wait an hour in the doctor’s office waiting room… ¬†Level 3? ¬†Well, I’m just following them to be polite.ūüė¨¬†Sorry, if you’re in Level 3!¬†ūüė¨
  • Finally, I have some other lists that I use at certain times. ¬†That includes things like the NFL Draft–I use that list for a few days every April–and Fantasy Football–I look at that lists on Sunday’s in the fall and when I’m setting my lineup.