New Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Drive

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Google Adds New Shortcuts – Just for Google Drive!

FINALLY, Google Drive has added keyboard shortcuts for INSIDE Drive!! I can’t believe it took them so long, but we now have the ability to move a file from one place to another with a shortcut. In the old days, we used to have to:Now we can Control + C or Control + X, and then Control + V in the place we want the file. What a really efficient and easy way for us to get files from one place in Google Drive to another.

My mind has always been blown that Google Drive didn’t have this. I mean, they’ve been around for over 11 years, and the fact that they didn’t have those keyboard shortcuts for moving files around was kind of crazy. 

Gif showing new keyboard shortcut in Google Drive.

The update has also made it possible to add the link into a doc directly from Drive. When we first began using Drive, there were quite a few necessary steps to accomplish this move.

Now it’s possible to add a link to a file into a Google Doc or Slides by simply clicking on a Drive file and pressing Control + C, then pressing Control + V in the spot where you want the link!

One More NEW Shortcut!

Gif showing new keyboard shortcut in Google Drive.

Control + Shift + V  will create a shortcut to a file that you’d like to have in multiple places. For example, maybe you’d like to use the same file in both your math and science classes for a joint project. Use Control + C to copy the file from the math folder, jump over to the science folder, and Control + Shift + V,  and you’ve got the same file in both places. Times savers are awesome, especially when they allow us to be more productive.

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Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Calendar

The new school year started for my colleagues and I a few weeks ago.  One process that I have to go through at the beginning of each school year is getting all of the year’s events onto my Google Calendar.  This is a tedious process, but it’s an important one for me.  The main task here is copying events from our school’s calendar onto my calendar.  The school calendar is jam-packed with stuff and I only need a subset of those events.

While going week-by-week through the school year, I thought “There has got to be a quicker way to navigate through this!”  Well, I did a little poking around and found my answer! Keyboard Shortcuts!

If you go into Settings, you can turn on Keyboard shortcuts.  First, let’s look at how to do this and then I’ll share some of my favorite shortcuts.

So, that animation showed you our first 2 keyboard shortcuts:
– / brings up the search, all ready for you to find that special event you were looking for.
– ? brings up all of the keyboard shortcuts, for when you forget some of them (which you will).

Here are the other ones that I’ve added to my repertoire:

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BFF’s: ⌘+W and ⌘+Shift+T

Use Ctrl W to close your top tab and Ctrl Shift T to open your most recently closed tab (or window).

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Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to be a little more efficient.  Two of my most used in Google Chrome are:

  1. Ctrl+W (or ⌘+W on Mac) for closing your “top” tab (the one showing on your screen).
  2. Ctrl+Shift+T (or ⌘+Shift+T on Mac) for opening your most recently closed tab.

#2 is probably my fave.  Not only does it open your most recently closed tab, even if you closed it hours ago or even before shutting down Chrome, but it can open an entire window full of tabs, if you closed them.  But my favorite-est part of it?  Well, it has an educational aspect of course:

Ever walked by a student and seen them quickly close a tab before you got there? Ctrl+Shift+T to the rescue! Just imagine that student’s face when they find out that their teacher is a Chrome Keyboard Shortcut Ninja!!