Guest Post: 10 Ways to Make Remote Learning Fun for Students

As a father, I know how losing that face-to-face connection with teachers and classmates is effecting kiddos. I also know how much my own children have enjoyed Google Meets, Zooms, Facebook Lives, and Flipgrids with their teachers and classmates. So, when I heard about some of the fun things that Laura Lavery has been doing for her students, I knew that I wanted to share them! Here’s a guest post from Laura . . . 

Picture of Laura Lavery, author of this post.
Laura is a Middle School Teacher in Tennessee who enjoys creating a classroom environment for her students that produces a high-level of student engagement through the implementation of technology.

1. Creating a special theme for Zoom sessions

This is a way to spark student interest and make remote learning fun for all. For example, I hosted a virtual vocabulary egg hunt on Zoom. I created a Google Drawing and imported eggs with Spanish vocabulary on them. While we were on Zoom, I projected the Google Drawing and students had to translate the eggs. 

Another successful Zoom session was our “Paw Party.” Students were encouraged to bring their furry friend and/or stuffed animal to Zoom. Everyone had a great time as it continued to build our online classroom community and have fun. The dogs and cats were literally all over the screens. I noticed a lot of smiles during this session in particular.An "Evite" for Laura's Virtual Vocabulary Egg Hunt.

I want to get all stakeholders involved during Remote Learning and having a special theme definitely sparks inquiry from your students! Continue reading Guest Post: 10 Ways to Make Remote Learning Fun for Students