Follow Feature in Google Slides

“Which Slide?” is OUT, “Follow” is IN!

“I think we should change this slide’s background to white.””
Wait, which slide are you on?”
“Slide 17.”
“Oh, ok, let me jump to that slide.”
“OK, and then on this slide I think we should change it to bullet points.”
“Which Slide?”
“Slide 20.”
“Ok, hold on.”

We’ve all done this before – right? Anyone who has ever collaborated on Google Slides has said “What slide are you on?” like a billion times. You’ve long been able to jump to the slide a collaborator is on by clicking on their icon by the share button, but now you can do even better…..

Google Slides has added a FOLLOW option. Now you can click on a collaborator and select Follow. As they move through slides, you’ll follow right along with them!

Screenshot shows the top bar of Google Slides with Jake's profile picture circled in purple with the word "Following" underneath it.

Students Follow Teacher

They’re selling this as a way to collaborate with someone, which is great, but I think this has some superpowers for the classroom. If you’ve ever used Pear Deck or Nearpod, you know how nice it is to be able to guide your students through a slideshow with you. You move to slide 6 and they automatically follow right behind you. But what if you don’t use Pear Deck or Nearpod? With this feature, you could mimic that same experience. If all of your students click on your icon and then follow you, they’ll follow advance through the slides with you! If you try it out, I’d love to hear what you think of this experience! This Google Slides feature is available on all Google accounts.In this GIF, two Google Slides screens are show. In one, the user is clicking forward in Google Slides. In the other, the user has clicked Follow and they are automatically following the other user.

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