Add Canva, Adobe Express, and Flip Content in Wakelet!


📺 Check this out in video form on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts. 📺

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of updates from Team Wakelet, including easily adding Canva designs. When I go into my Wakelet account, I can click on the image button and normally I see, “upload an image”, “choose from giphy”, or “choose from Unsplash”, (Unsplash is a site where you haveScreenshot of adding Canva to Wakelet rights to different pictures so that you can share them). Now Wakelet has added in design with Canva. A lot of people make designs in Canva, download them, and then upload them into their Wakelt clip. That’s always worked, but now they’ve taken that middle step out, so we’ve got the option to go straight from Canva. Canva also has some templates that are set to Wakelet sizes – like banners.

I get excited about things that make the ed tech tools work better, but what I’m really excited about is impacting student learning or teacher efficiency, or any of the pedagogical things we worry about. I think Wakelet is a great digital portfolio platform or student-sharing platform,  making it more efficient for students to use. So it’s not just improving a tech tool, it’s improving a tech tool that can help students.


📺 Check this out in video form on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts. 📺

Wakelet also works well with Adobe Express Creations. So if you’re a Canva person or an Adobe Express person, it will work for you. However, Adobe Express will be in a different place now.

Screenshot of adding Adobe Express to Wakelet

It used to be in the “other stuff” area, but now you can find it right in the lineup under Tweets, Flip videos, YouTube, Google Drive, OneDrive, and then you’ll see Adobe Express. 

I believe  the Flip button, will no longer be in the lineup, and that’s the next update to tell you about:


📺 Check this out in video form on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts. 📺

Now instead of selecting Flip, you can just copy the link to your video, and then paste it into Wakelet, where it is automatically embedded. I think that kind of adds a step actually, but it does work and it works well, and it looks pretty. As I said before, Wakelet is really good for digital portfolios. Students can add Flip videos, Canva Creations, Adobe Express creations, and whatever else is needed to showcase the different things they are doing in Wakelet. It could also be a great way for the teacher to send home a newsletter to parents.

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Animate Your Audio with Adobe Express

If you’ve ever used tools like Chatterpix or Blabberize…

…or some of the crazier filters in TikTok and other video tools, you know how fun it can be to see a cartoon character animated to look like you’re the voice of it.

And, if you’re a teacher, which I assume you are, you probably also see potential for using this in the classroom with your students.

Well, Adobe Express is making this idea super easy with their new AniMAte from Audio tool.

It just takes four steps:

1. Select 1 of the available characters. There are 38 available. I’m partial to Steve. I’m not sure what he is, but I like his mustache.

2. Once you have your character, you can choose from a variety of backgrounds. You can even select a green background so that you can cut the background out in a video editing app. You can also choose a variety of dimensions organized by different platforms like, for example, Instagram.

3. Once you’re all setup, you’ll need some audio. You can either upload an audio file or record it right there.  Your limit is 2 minutes. Once you’re done, you can trim that audio at the beginning or end.

4. Then, you’re ready to export it.  By the way, you can also go back into the editor to change the character, background, or dimensions without losing your audio!

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