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Hi! I'm not currently offering any swag items for purchase, but you can grab a signed copy of my book at jakemiller.net/signedbook!

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Welcome!  I hope you’re able to find what you’re looking for here!  If you can’t or something doesn’t seem to be working right, please contact me at JakeMillerTech@gmail.com and I’ll do my best to respond within 24 hours.

I will do my best to send out shipments daily, so your order should be mailed within 24 hours of you placing it.  That means that all items should arrive in time for Christmas.

Note: Shipping is a flat fee of $0.75 unless you get 5-packs or a button, as they may require extra postage.  Each 5-pack adds $0.50 on to the Shipping Cost.

It's Pronounced GIF Gift Sticker
Gift It’s Pronounced GIF Sticker
Size: 2.39″ x 2.5″
Do you believe the G in GIF should be pronounced just like you’d pronounce the G in the word it represents – Graphic?  Then this is the sticker for you!  Show everyone that you’re Hard G 4 Life!

It's Pronounced GIF Gift Sticker
It’s Pronounced GIF (Gift) Sticker 5-pack
Size (each): 2.39″ x 2.5″
Ordering for your whole Hard G Gang?  Order in sets of 5 to save some dinero (money).  You can even use these stickers as Gifts!

GIF Sticker Frenemy 2-pack
GIF Sticker Frenemy 2-pack
Peanut Butter Size: 1.77″ x 3″
Gift Size: 2.39″ x 2.5″
Do you and your best bud get into heated debates about GIF-pronunciation? If so, then this is for you – get 1 of each for a reduced price!

It's Pronounced GIF, Soft G Sticker
It’s Pronounced GIF, Soft G Sticker
Size: 1.77″ x 3″
Are you a member of the Soft-G Squad?  Then this is the sticker for you!

It's Pronounced GIF, Soft G, Sticker
It’s Pronounced GIF (Soft G) Sticker 5-pack
Size (each): 1.77″ x 3″
Want to spread the Soft G sticker love? Grab a 5-pack and hook up your nearest and dearest buddies!

This image shows the Educational Duct Tape: An EdTech Integration Mindset book cover as well as a 2nd book open to a page inside of the book
Signed #EduDuctTape Book
$25 $20
Size (each): 1.77″ x 3″
I’ll include a custom message!  Special low price lasts until 12.15.21! Cheaper than Amazon + they’re signed!

My payments are run through PayPal. However, your payment can come from another source (i.e., a credit card).  You will need to press the PayPal button regardless.