Suggested Edits in Google Docs

This post is about a¬†useful feature that most people don’t notice in Google Docs:¬†Suggesting Mode. ¬†This is fantastic for students doing peer revisions or even teachers collaborating on projects. ¬†It allows you to show people what you think should be changed, without actually changing it. ¬†The choice is ultimately theirs.

I recommend this when students do any peer revisions in class: if you’re suggesting a specific grammatical, punctuation or word change,¬†use Suggested Edits. ¬†However, if you’re giving more general feedback¬†or suggesting a change be made, but not identifying what to change to,¬†use a Comment.

Anyhow, here’s how it works: Up in the top right corner you’ll see the word or icon for¬†Editing,¬†Commenting or¬†Viewing. ¬†Click on that and switch to¬†Suggesting. ¬†Now, act as though you’re actually editing the document (type, backspace, etc.), but your “edits” will show as “suggested edits.” ¬†Awesome!

Suggested Edits in Google Docs Animation

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