Stop Motion Animations with Match & Move in Canva Presentations

My favorite of Canva’s new presentation transitions is Match and Move.

This one recognizes images or text across two different slides no matter the size, location, or color and animates any identical elements smoothly between pages.  Let’s say I place my bitmoji on the left side of the screen and then I duplicate the slide and put it on the right side of this new slide. Now, if I add a match & move transition between those two slides, Bitmoji Jake will move smoothly across the slide! And I can modify how quickly that movement takes place, going from a one-tenth of a second super fast movement to a 2.5 second, slower movement!

And this doesn’t just work with Bitmoji…

I can do it with other images and text as well! I can even make the images bigger, smaller, rotated, or even a different color and it’ll animate it smoothly for me!!

🎥 This is huge for stop-motion animations. And if I want a nonlinear movement, I can just make multiple slides that each are a part of that movement! This is so exciting. Very cool for presentations, but also ridiculously cool for stop-motion animations.

🎤 Plus, we can then record our slides with a voiceover by clicking Present > and then selecting present and record. So now we can create narrated stop-motion animations!!

Speaking of Videos, Match & Move also works in Canva Videos, so you can do it there, too!

And, check this out, we’ll soon be able to edit our presentations as videos! This will let us modify the timing of individual slides and add and sync audio tracks to our slides.

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