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Give your students the best learning experience without spending your nights and weekend learning every new edtech tool!

  • Would you rather attend a boring staff meeting than try to figure out which educational technology tools to use in your classroom?
  • Do you worry that your students will tease you mercilessly if you choose the wrong app?
  • Do you think it would be easier to ignore the ridiculous number of edtech options, print some worksheets, and binge a Netflix show?

In Educational Duct Tape, classroom teacher and edtech expert Jake Miller equips you to overcome the paradox of choice and select the right edtech tools for your classroom so you can start using them tomorrow!ย 

Price = $25

This image shows the Educational Duct Tape: An EdTech Integration Mindset book cover as well as a 2nd book open to a page inside of the bookForget the headaches that come with overcomplicated instructions. In this book, as with his popular #EduDuctTape Podcast, Jake offers anecdote-induced laughter and explanations that actually make sense. This book features comparisons of tools for formative assessment, student self-assessment, student blogging, screencasting, audio projects, video creation, student-paced coursework, and lesson delivery, as well as animation apps, infographic, and visual design tools, and more!

This book is for you if . . .ย 

  • You want to integrate edtech like a boss but arenโ€™t sure where to start.ย 
  • You want to choose the right technology tools for your style, your curriculum, and your students.
  • You want to empower your students as learners, creators, and thinkers.
  • Youโ€™re tired of boring books for teachers!

Feeling frustrated or confused by edtech?ย 

Grab your Educational Duct Tape!

โ€œYouโ€™ll fly through this book and enjoy the journey. And youโ€™ll be a better educator because of it.โ€ โ€”Matt Miller, author, Ditch That Textbook

โ€œInside this book, you will find great tips, fantastic edtech tools, powerful instructional strategies, and a whole heap of quirky humor! Buy this book. (You can thank me later.)โ€ โ€”Kasey Bell, author, podcaster, and international speaker at ShakeUpLearning.com

โ€œThis should be on the desk of every teacher! It will serve as an incredible resource that you will go back to over and over again! Buy this for yourself and every teacher you know!โ€ โ€”Holly Clark, author, blogger, and speaker

Price = $25