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Hello!  This post is geared towards those of you who have signed up for automatic notifications when I make new posts to my site,  Well, I’ve got good (and bad and more good) news for you.

First, the good: later this week, I will send the first issue of my email newsletter.  I hope to send it 2 times each month.  It will feature my most recent content–just like the automatic Blog Subscriptions that you receive–as well as some other features that I’d like to share with you.

Next up, the bad news: to be sure that I’m focusing my communication well, at the end of April, I’m going to eliminate the Blog Subscriptions that you are currently receiving.  So, sign up for that newsletter.  But wait, there’s more good news!

At the end of April, all of my newsletter subscribers will be entered to win 1 of 5 free Google Hangout/Skype sessions (up to 1 hour) with me!  Want to know how to create GIFs in Camtasia?  Want me to do an Educational Duct Tape presentation for your staff?  Want to talk to me about coffee?  Tacos?  Stranger Things?  Want me to chat with a technology leadership team about 1:1 initiatives or innovative spaces like Fab Labs?  This is your chance!  Here’s the link for subscribing to my new Newsletter:

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Jake Miller

Jake is the host of the Educational Duct Tape podcast, the #EduGIF Guy, a Tech Integration Coach, speaker, Former STEM, Math & Science Teacher, and a presenter.