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Hello!¬† This post is geared towards those of you who have signed up for automatic notifications when I make new posts to my site,¬† Well, I’ve got good (and bad and more good) news for you.

First, the good: later this week, I will send the first issue of my email newsletter.¬† I hope to send it 2 times each month.¬† It will feature my most recent content–just like the automatic Blog¬†Subscriptions that you receive–as well as some other features that I’d like to share with you.

Next up, the bad news: to be sure that I’m focusing my communication well, at the end of April, I’m going to eliminate¬†the¬†Blog Subscriptions that you are currently receiving.¬† So, sign up for that newsletter.¬†¬†But wait, there’s more good news!

At the end of April, all of my newsletter subscribers¬†will be entered to win 1 of 5 free Google Hangout/Skype sessions (up to 1 hour) with me!¬† Want to know how to create GIFs in Camtasia?¬† Want me to do an¬†Educational Duct Tape presentation for your staff?¬† Want to talk to me about coffee?¬† Tacos?¬† Stranger Things?¬† Want me to chat with a technology leadership team about 1:1 initiatives or innovative spaces like Fab Labs?¬† This is your chance!¬† Here’s the link for¬†subscribing to my new Newsletter:

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Jake Miller

Jake is the host of the Educational Duct Tape podcast, the #EduGIF Guy, a Tech Integration Coach, speaker, Former STEM, Math & Science Teacher, and a presenter.