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Please let me know if you have any questions about these sessions!  You can reach me at JakeMillerTech [at]

Educational Duct Tape

Description – In a multi-session, content-rich, idea-filled conference like this one, educators can fall into the trap of “paradox of choice,” which often keeps educators from integrating *any* of their newly learned skills. In this session, Jake will share about how “Educational Duct Tape” can help educators overcome this paradox and choose a technology or two to add to their toolbox.  Learn how Jake’s silly metaphor can be used as an #edtech integration mindset in your classroom, tomorrow!

Notes for Event Planners – This is my most popular session and is my go-to for keynotes.  It is fun, engaging and filled with stories, quotes, examples and sources of motivation.  I have already prepared versions of this for time amounts ranging between 20-120 minutes.

The Educational Duct Tape Workshop

Description – With so many educational technology tools available, educators can fall into the trap of “paradox of choice,” which often keeps educators from integrating *any* of their newly learned skills. In this workshop, Jake will share about how “Educational Duct Tape” can help educators overcome this paradox.  

After attendees learn how they can use Jake’s silly metaphor as an #edtech integration mindset in their classrooms, they will discuss problems, goals, needs and even learning standards that they need to address and work on in their classrooms.  After brainstorming and prioritizing these needs with their peers, the educators will then work together to identify edtech tools that can be used to address their individual needs.

Once the needs & solutions have been addressed, participants will have an opportunity to begin learning about their selected edtech tool and preparing to implement it with Jake’s support.  While some participants may select the same tool and work together, each participant will have the power to select their own tool and path based on their own needs, teaching style, content and classroom.

It is Jake’s goal that educators leave not only ready to use a new tech tool, but feeling confident in their abilities and empowered in their edtech potential.

Notes for Event Planners – This session requires at least 3 hours.  I can faciliate up to 15 attendees in a 3 hour session and up to 25 attendees in a full day session.  For any higher amounts, a co-presenter (arranged by Jake or the event planner) would be required.

The Nouns & Verbs of Educational Duct Tape

Description –

You’ve got problems, we’ve got problem-solvers. You’ve got goals, we’ve got tools. Collaborate with other educators to apply the Educational Duct Tape edtech integration mindset to identify tech tools that we can use to solve our problems and meet our goals.

Educational technology is much like duct tape: it’s best used as a tool. Also the verb (to collaborate, to create, to persuade, to present, etc.) is more important than the noun (the tech tool). In this session, the audience will identify “verbs” that they are focusing on (collaborate, create, assess, instruct, think). Then, with those verbs as our focus, we will work together to identify nouns (tech tools) to apply to those verbs.

Notes for Event Planners – This is intended to be a follow-up session to the Educational Duct Tape presentation.  This session can work for between 30-120 minutes.  For any amount over 120 minutes, it would be advisable to go with the Educational Duct Tape Workshop mentioned above.

7 Tools for Creating Visuals and Infographics

Description: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” This quote perfectly sums up why creating simple visual representations of comprehension may be a perfect assessment tool. If a student can demonstrate understanding of a concept in a simple, visually-appealing graphic, they likely have a firm grasp of it (and also have a knack for a skill that is valuable in our society). In this session, I’ll compare and contrast 7 tools that I think are great for creating visuals: Canva, Adobe Express, Piktochart, Venngage, Google Slides, Google Drawings, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

8 Video Creation Tools for Students

Description: Want your students to start making videos to demonstrate comprehension, but not sure what tool or tools to use? I’ll break down the differences between 7 of the best to choose from: Adobe Express, Canva, Flip, GreenScreen by DoInk, Screencast-O-Matic, ScreenPal, Screencastify Submit, WeVideo, and Prezi Video, and I may throw in a few bonus tools! You’ll leave this session knowing which tool is the right one for you and your students!

If it’s a 90-minute or 2-hour session, this can be added to the description: Educators will have an opportunity to try out a tool (or tools) of their choice and share their findings with other participants!

PodCLASSting – Podcasting in the Classroom

Description – Want to assess your learners’ comprehension? You may need more than a multiple-choice question: you may need to HEAR them.

Want to amplify your students’ voices and develop important real-world skills? Give them a microphone!

Want to learn about podcasting? Attend a session led by someone who has released nearly a hundred episodes and been a guest on many other podcasts.

You’ll leave this session with ideas about how to record, edit, and share podcasts, as well as how they can be used in the classroom.

Choice Boards in the Classroom

DescriptionWe know from Dan Pink’s work that humans are motivated by autonomy, mastery, and purpose.  Choice boards are a great way to build 1 of those 3 things into your content: autonomy. And, if done right, you can hit all 3.  In this session, I’ll share examples of choice boards, ways to set them up, and different types of activities that can be included. The best part, though, is the discussion amongst attendees about the pros and cons of the variety of choice boards that are shared.

Notes for Event Planners – This session requires 45 minutes.  If between 60-240 minutes are provided, teachers can set up their own choice boards.

Flipping the Script with Flip (fka Flipgrid)

Description – I write a Valentine’s Day card to Flip every February, because I love it. I give thanks to Flip every Thanksgiving, because I am thankful for it. Come learn how to use Flip to hear from your students, give them a voice, engage them in learning, and empower them as thinkers! In this session, attendees will respond to multiple Flipgrid posts, see the teacher interface, and hear about more than a dozen applications that you’ll FLIP for!

Notes for Event Planners – This session will require devices that attendees are able to respond to a Flipgrid.

Pear Deck Sessions

I don’t have a session description ready for this, but I consider myself to be a Pear Deck expert. I can do sessions on the basics, on fun Pear Deck activities, and on expert-level Pear Deck skills.


Description – Want your students to create animations to show their understanding of content? Want them to have nearly unlimited creative freedom in those animations? Creating Stop Motion Animations in Google Slides is what you (and your students!) need! Come learn tips, tricks, hacks, and keyboard shortcuts while creating one of your own!

Notes for Event Planners – This session leads attendees through a series of tips to creating their own stop motion animations with Google Slides.  This session can work for between 45-120 minutes.

HACKaroni & Cheese

Description – EdTech Hacks and Cheesy Jokes! This session focuses on little tips and tricks to make your edtech tools (primarily Google for Education tools) do things that you didn’t know they could do! And, yes, along with all of those hacks come plenty of silliness, a.k.a. cheese.

Notes for Event Planners – In this session I show attendees a series of different hacks with the gSuite for Education tools.  Attendees watch as I show GIFs of how to do each hack.  The hacks range from making student responses easier to assess in Google Docs & Google Classroom to organizing your Google Chrome bookmark bar.  This session can be between 30-75 minutes.

Google Sheets MVFs (Most Valuable Formulas)

Description – Want to kick your Google Sheets game up a notch? Come try out some of the raddest Google Sheets formulas around. This is a hands-on session where Jake will support you while you out a series of tasks in Google Sheets.

Notes for Event Planners – In this session, attendees are provided with their own copy of a Google Sheets file. The file is filled with GIFs about different Google Sheets skills and activities to try out.  It is intended for people with at least intermediate tech abilities who are comfortable with a challenge.  Participants will learn to use perform a variety of tasks in Google Sheets including basic math formulas, filterviews, using fill down, using the $ operator and using other formulas (max, min, average, median, ImportHTML, Google Translate, ImportRange, CountIF, SumIF, Query and VLookUp!).   This session could fit in 45-90 minutes.

Scratching the Surface: Trying Out Scratch

Description – Bring your computer and creativity to learn how to use MIT’s Scratch (It’s FREE!) to CREATE an interactive game, animation or presentation. This can be used in any content area! Scratch is a block-based coding site that teaches computer science concepts while allowing the user to create something of their own! Jake has used Scratch with middle schoolers and will be on hand to guide you through the creative experience.

Notes for Event Planners – This is a “hands-on” session about using MIT’s visual programming language and creation tool to learn the basics of computer science and create amazing animations, games and more! During the session, attendees start out by sampling some of the offerings in Scratch. This helps them get an understanding of what Scratch is. Then, I lead them step by step through the basics. I show them a GIF of how to do 1 thing in Scratch (for example, to make your Sprite move forward) and then they do it on their screens. Then, I show another GIF and they try that out. This continues through the end of the session. By the end of the sessions, attendees will have completed enough steps to have a basic knowledge of how Scratch works.  This requires a minumum of 45 minutes.  If more than 60 minutes are provided, attendees will be able to create their own Scratch projects.  If more than 90 minutes are provided, they’ll also be able to share them with others!

Seesaw: More than just a Teeter-Totter

Description – Wouldn’t it be nice if there was 1 tool for delivering content, assigning content, collecting student work, sharing student work with parents, assessing student work, getting students engaged, getting students empowered, giving students choice, giving students voice, giving students a sense of ownership, inspiring students, communicating with parents and formatively assessing your learners?  There is.  It’s called Seesaw.  Come learn about it.

Notes for Event Planners – This session can fit into between 45-120 minutes.  The topic of Seesaw can also be expanded on to fit up to a full-day session.  Please note: while Seesaw is often viewed as an “elementary” tool, it can be used to great effect in middle and high school as well!

Mister EdPuzzle

Description – Is this a session about a talking horse (Mr. Ed) who likes to do puzzles or a free edtech tool that builds formative assessment questions into videos found online or recorded by the teacher? You’ll have to attend to find out! A horse is a horse, of course, of course . . .

Notes for Event Planners – In a 60-minute session, participants will have a chance to create their own EdPuzzles. Also, if your network blocks YouTube, please let me know before scheduling this session.

Student Screencasting Activities!

Description – Screencasting is a great way for teachers to deliver content to students, but its a FANSTASTIC way for students to demonstrate their own comprehension!  In this session, participants try out a variety of fun and creative ideas to get students SHOWING their learning with screencasting tools, like Screencastify!  Some of the fun activities include remaking songs, filming skits, overdubbing videos with new audio, practicing speeches, creating stop-motion animations and creating GIFs

Notes for Event Planners – This is a “hands-on” session in which attendees will be expected to use a screen recording program on their own device to create sample student projects.  These projects will then be viewed by other participants, which provides a jigsaw-like experience.  This session will fit in between 60-120 minutes.


Description – To some educators, I am knowns as the #EduGIF guy.  I have heard the question “How do you create your GIFs?” so many times that I have decided to start teaching people how to do it themselves!  If you have access to Camtasia, come join me and learn to make some #EduGIFs!

Notes for Event Planners – This session will require at least 2 hours (the more time the better, so that participants can *make* #EduGIFs) and requires that all participants have at least a trial version of Camtasia.

Camtasia for Screencasting

Description – Screencastify is great, but what if you want to create Khan Academy quality screencasts?  If you want to wow students with the quality of your screencasts, then you need to try out Camtasia!

Notes for Event Planners – Above, I discussed a session about how I make my GIFs with Camtasia.  This session would focus on making regular video screencasts with Camtasia and, as you might suspect, would require at least 2 hours to give participants time to try it out and requires that all participants have at least a trial version of Camtasia.

Awesome Automaton Add-Ons

Description – Want to make your tech do your work for you!?  I love using Google Forms and Sheets to create automated systems.  In this session, join me as we get deep in the weeds of formulas and add-ons so that you can see the limitless possibilities with these tools, including AutoCrat, FormMule and more!

Notes for Event Planners – This session works for between 45-120 minutes (more time would permit some time to try it out) and requires that participants have at least intermediate abilities with spreadsheets and are willing to try out some new, challenging concepts.

Holy Sheets – Google Spreadsheets in Math Classes

Description – All right, so we know that spreadsheets are widely used by professionals . . . but they’re still rarely used in math classrooms.  What gives?  In this session, Jake shares dozens of applications for Google Sheets in math classrooms covering topics ranging from elementary to collegiate level mathematics.

Notes for Event Planners – This session can fit into 45-120 minutes.  If possible, it’s best if the audience is split (i.e., all 3rd-8th grade teachers or all 7th-12th grade teachers), but it’s not necessary.

The 4 MVPs of Remote + Blended Learning from an EduDuctTape Mindset

Description – The “paradox of choice” leaves many educators too overwhelmed to integrate edtech tools into their instruction. However, in an era when utilizing technology to enhance learning and deepen connections with students is paramount, selecting and integrating tools is essential. In this session, Jake will share about how 4 edtech tools (Flipgrid, Screencastify/Loom, EdPuzzle, and Pear Deck/Nearpod) can work with the “Educational Duct Tape” mindset to can help educators overcome this paralysis.

Notes for Event Planners – This session combines about 15-20 minutes of my Educational Duct Tape keynote presentation with a discussion on these 4 tools. I select Screencastify or Loom and Pear Deck or Nearpod based on the preference of the event planner. This session was designed in response to the decisions that districts and schools were forced to make in light of the COVID-19 pandemic & closures of physical school buildings.

Awww, man, you don’t have a session about _______!?

I will if you ask me to! I love educational technology and I love sharing that love with other educators.  If you’ve got something that you want your educators to learn about, just tell me and I’ll design a custom session just for you.

Questions?  Contact me at JakeMillerTech [at]