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What’s New in QUIZIZZ?

Quizizz has added a handful of new features, let’s start with the free one. Longitudinal growth reports are now available in all of their plans. you have your courses linked thru Google Classroom, Schoology, or Canvas, or if you created Classes within Quizizz, you’ll be able to see individual classes and scores for each student throughout the school year. It’s not standard-by-standard or topic-by-topic, but you’ll be able to see peaks, valleys, and some general trends for your whole class or for specific students.

Additions to the Paid Plans 

Quizizz is now giving users on the School and District Plan the ability to tag their questions to state standards, and then look at data relating to specific standards. This could be really nice in standards-based grading. Just remember this only applies to School and District Plan users.

Audio & Video Responses

 Audio/Video responses have been added to Quizizz Super and School/District Plans.

    • World language teachers everywhere – rejoice! You can now hear or see your students speaking in the target language. This is valuable in many other content and curricular areas, plus it’s a great UDL feature allowing us to hear from students that perhaps aren’t as comfortable writing responses.
    • Recorded responses can be between 5 – 120 seconds long, and can be accessed in the reports screen where you normally access their scores. Just look for the “play” button. 

*Note* – you canNOT download the audio or video from within Quizizz, to use elsewhere, it can only be played within the site.

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