One-page Canva websites

The Canva Visual Worksuite has added the ability to build one-page websites, no coding required.

Unlike Docs, this is not in beta – it’s ready to go now!!

As we’re used to with Canva, they have a ton of responsive templates all ready for us to customize. Also as expected, it uses their familiar drag-and-drop setup, and gives you access to tons of content. Like most contemporary site-builders, Canva Sites are automatically optimized for desktop, mobile, or tablets.

Once you’re ready to put your site out there, you can make a custom URL that ends with

Another option is to use Canva to purchase a domain or, finally, connect it to your own existing domain.  You can also set them up to have password protection, which is nice for educators and students!  Once the site is out there, you can also track traffic and engagement like how many visitors the site has had. This is part of the Pro version, but it’s free on Canva Edu.

And, again, collaboration, commenting, and possibility of using it within Canva Teams. You can also take any document, presentation, PDF, etc. and turn it into a responsive website through this.

Canva Websites is free to all, though some features are not free.

However, Canva Edu accounts have access to just about all of it – aside from things like buying domains – for free. I should point out, it appears that users on free accounts are limited to 5 sites published on their Canva domain. Again, though, this won’t affect you on an edu account.

So, believe it or not there’s actually MORE news from Canva, but I’m going to hold onto it until future blog posts. Be sure to check back in for more Canva updates and additions. Up next, some news from Book Creator….

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