New Transitions and Remote Control in Canva Presentations

Canva Presentations came out about a year ago, and they continue to make improvements to it. 

They’ve added a bunch of new transitions between slides, including Match and Move, which I’ll cover in detail in a moment.

At this time, Canva Presentations have 8 different transitions: dissolve, slide, circle wipe, color wipe, line wipe, match & move, stack, and chop. Each of them can be customized so that you can choose how quickly you’d like the transition to happen or what direction you’d like it to happen in. For a color wipe, you can also choose what colors you’d like to use for the transition.

“Next Slide! Oh, sorry. lol” Canva has also added Remote Control, letting multiple presenters connect to a virtual clicker from any device to navigate and manage slides, remotely or in person. So, if you’re in a room together, both presenters can click forward a slide. Or, if you want to use multiple devices, maybe one at the front of your classroom to project, and then one at the back of the classroom to control the pace, you can do that too. And, better yet, if you’re co-presenting remotely, it no longer matters who is sharing their screen. So, if you’re not the screen sharer, you can still click the next slide button. And, you even have access to triggering their special slide effects, like the drumroll and the stage curtain.

This feature works on phones as well – so you can present from your computer but control from your phone while you’re moving around a room or a stage!

This feature is available in all Canva accounts.

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