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This image shows the Educational Duct Tape: An EdTech Integration Mindset book cover as well as a 2nd book open to a page inside of the book

🎙 Want to use Audio to measure students’ understanding, not just their knowledge of the right or wrong answer? Check out these tools!

🎛️ This selection of tools includes only Multitrack Audio Recording and Editing Options. In other words, you can have multiple audio files playing at the same time or overlapping one another, such as your voice in one track and music in another. These tools might be a little challenging for younger learners, but once get the hang of it, just imagine what they could create!

💡 In Chapter 8 of Educational Duct Tape: An EdTech Integration Mindset, I discuss the 6 tools that I think that you should consider. The infographic below provides a simple breakdown of them. Grab it as a PDF here! In that same chapter, I also discuss a selection of other audio tools, some of which are single-track editors, while others are just audio recorders. I’ll also share those in future infographics!

📖  More details about each tool (and a few others) are in the book!

What tools can my students use to record and edit audio?

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This infographic includes a picture of a girl with noise-cancelling headphones sitting "criss-cross applesauce" and using a laptop. It also shows a phone screen, books, and the logos of the apps that are discussed along with the cover of the Educational Duct Tape book. The text says. "#EduDuctTape Question, Chapter 8: What tools can my students use to record and edit audio? (Multitrack audio editors!) Soundtrap for Edu - Offers a transcript-based editor and great teacher tools including LMS integration. GarageBand - This Mac or iOS tool offers a pile of features and capabilities that are surprisingly easy to learn. Audacity - The most common audio recording and editing program for podcasters is free and works on both Mac and Windows. WeVideo - If you use WeVideo for video, try it for audio, too! It even provides commercially licensed, royalty-free stock audio! Twisted Wave - The free version limits you to five-minute audio files, but at least it’s browser-based! Beautiful Audio Editor - Access and save projects within Google Drive!"



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