Mote Loops

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Mote recently announced “Mote Loops.” And by loops they mean feedback loops.

So in the image, John, from Mote, gave a comment to his student.  The student has the option to respond, or not, and the teacher can see the response. In essence, itcreates a “feedback loop”. For example, the teacher gives the student feedback, or the prompt, or a request to do something, and the student then has to show that they’ve gone through the process of accepting that feedback. Mote is really prioritizing the effectiveness of feedback.

Image shows a teacher leaving a Google Classroom Comment with the text "With Loops activated, teachers leave feedback as normal."

In the first picture, you can see that Jon created a text comment. He also could have used Mote to create an audio comment. Below the comment, it tells Jon if his student, Jim, has responded to the feedback or not.

In the image, a student has received a Google Classroom text comment and has the option to click on either "I know what to do" or "I may need help.In the student’s view, they can see the comment as always, but can now choose one of two options:

  • “I know what to do” 
  • “I may need help” 

That’s excellent for data tracking. The teacher knows if the student understands the feedback. The student can also add additional information. After responding, the student also sees a fun meme, giving them a little reward for responding.

The Data!

In this screenshot, we see a summary of what percentage of students responded "I know what to do" and what percentage said "I may need help."Up to this point, I think they’re just adding to the feedback system. What really helps, is that after the teacher has responded, the data is tracked. The teacher can see how often certain students said they knew what to do, how often they said they needed help, or how often the whole class said they knew what to do, or may need help. It’s really nice that now we can see if certain pieces of feedback are confusing, or if certain assignments are confusing. We can also see if certain students are struggling with our feedback.  Are there certain students that may need a one-on-one?

Mote Loops is available in beta, and it’s not out for everybody yet, but you can request the beta version and get access to it. I’d recommend reaching out to Mote or responding to this tweet if you’re interested. I love that Mote is really trying to ramp up the effectiveness of feedback!

📺 Check this out in video form on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts. 📺

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