The 4 Most Important Keyboard Shortcuts

The EduGIF below shows the 4 Most Important Keyboard Shortcuts.  Below the GIF, I’ve got a list of the 4 shortcuts.

This GIF shows the keyboard shortcuts for copying, pasting, pasting with matching formatting and undo.
Pausable version of this EduGIF available here.


  1. Ctrl + c (or command + c) – Copy selected or highlighted text or objects
  2. Ctrl + v (or command + v) – Paste copied or cut text or objects
  3. Ctrl + z (or command + z) – Undo last change
  4. Ctrl + shift + v (or command + Shift + v) – Paste copied or cut text with formatting that matches the destination’s formatting.

Note: This EduGIF is a new version of one that was originally shared in this post.

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