Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Calendar

The new school year started for my colleagues and I a few weeks ago.¬† One process that I have to go through at the beginning of each school year is getting all of the year’s events onto my Google Calendar.¬† This is a tedious process, but it’s an important one for me.¬† The main task here is copying events from our school’s calendar onto my calendar.¬† The school calendar is jam-packed with stuff and I only need a subset of those events.

While going week-by-week through the school year, I thought “There has got to be a quicker way to navigate through this!”¬† Well, I did a little poking around and found my answer! Keyboard Shortcuts!

If you go into Settings, you can turn on Keyboard shortcuts.¬† First, let’s look at how to do this and then I’ll share some of my favorite shortcuts.

So, that animation showed you our first 2 keyboard shortcuts:
– / brings up the search, all ready for you to find that special event you were looking for.
– ? brings up all of the keyboard shortcuts, for when you forget some of them (which you will).

Here are the other ones that I’ve added to my repertoire:

Next Period and Previous Period 

This is the one that I really needed – when going through the entire school year, clicking on the forward arrow over and over was driving me bonkers.¬† Here’s our solution: click¬†n for¬†Next Period and¬†p for¬†Previous Period. You can also use¬†j and¬†k for this task, but¬†n and¬†p just make more sense in my book.

Create and Save Events

Each time I copied an event from the school calendar to my own, I had to manually click¬†Save to create each event.¬† This is what really drove me to research keyboard shortcuts in Google Calendar. On my Mac,¬†Command + S saves the event (Ctrl + S on Windows or ChromeOS).¬† Also, when you’re in Calendar and are ready to¬†create a new event, you can do that quickly by clicking¬†c.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Creating & Saving Events Animation

Go to Date and Go to Today

If you’re trying to jump to a date that you’re looking forward to, spending the time navigating month by month can be frustrating.¬† Just click¬†g and you can type in the date.¬† It’s like a¬†Delorean without Marty McFly.¬† I love that it’s so flexible on how you type it in too (i.e., Nov 3 2020, nov 3 2020, November 3 2020 all work).¬† And click¬†t to jump back to Today!

Switch Calendar Views

And finally, what if you’re in week view but you need to see a detailed schedule for one¬†day? Just click¬†d!¬† You can also use¬†w for week,¬†m for month and¬†y¬†for year.¬† There’s also¬†x for custom view (I set mine to 2 days so I can see today & tomorrow at once) and¬†a (s on some devices) to see your agenda (or schedule).

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