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Previous Iterations:

  • GIF-a-Day Google Sheets Ninja Level 1, Cohort 1 – Spring 2019
  • GIF-a-Day Google Sheets Ninja Level 1, Cohort 2 – July-August 2019

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What is GIF-a-Day?

GIF-a-Day is a set of learning opportunities that give you the chance to level up in your ability to use specific tech tools in quick, bite-sized bursts.

The GIF-a-Day Learning Opportunities consist of daily emails sent to you and other participants. Each email will contain one GIF demonstrating one skill in the current tech tool. Add that tip into your practice and then be ready for a new tip the next morning!  Day by day, gif by gif, tip by tip, drip by drip, you’ll level up in your use of the tool.

At the end of the series of daily emails, not only will you be skilled in a new tool, but you’ll also receive a bonus eBook containing all of the GIFs from that Learning Opportunity and a certificate of participation in the Learning Opportunity.

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