Flip – Students can See Videos and Comments in Moderated Topics

On Flip, formerly Flipgrid, you can set your topics to be moderated. That means that students’ videos and comments don’t show up to other students until you approve them.

You probably already knew that, as it’s been around for quite a while. You probably also already know that this leads to lots of students saying “Did you get my video?” or “Did you like my video?” because they just see a blank topic with no one’s videos, meaning there’s no confirmation that their video was successfully submitted either… again, until you approve it to be seen. And, sometimes, it maybe for an assessment or something you don’t want other students to see at all, so you may never make the response visible to others.

So that means that students may never know if their video is submitted and won’t be able to see any comments from you on the video . . . until now!

Now when a student submits a video to a moderated topic, they’ll see their video and, at the bottom left, they’ll see the word Hidden. That way they know it’s there, they can review it, they know it’s hidden, and, even more importantly, they can see comments that you make and so can they! This is super powerful for safe, secure teacher-student conversations.

This should be available in your Flip account already and, as with everything in Flip, is free.

[Image Source: https://twitter.com/microsoftflip/status/1567624319571730433?s=12 ]

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