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A while back, I shared about using EquatIO in Google Forms. I also mentioned how well it works in Google Slides, Docs, Sheets, and Drawings, as well as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Office 365 applications.

But what about elsewhere? What about Jamboard? Whiteboard.Chat? Gmail? You guessed it: the web toolbar didn’t work in those spots. But now it does!!!

Recently, Texthelp announced that the web toolbar works elsewhere in Google Chrome!

  • Need to add the Quadratic Formula in your Jamboard? You can!
  • Need to show the Pythagorean Theorem in You can!
  • Need to show a graph of a trigonometric function in Classkick? You can!
  • Need to send a chemical equation to your chemistry student in Gmail? You can!

In the EduGIF below, you’ll see how you can easily copy and paste your math as images (into sites like Jamboard, Slides, and whiteboard tools) as well as how you can easily share them as links in sites that aren’t meant as image-friendly (like Classroom)!

Check out a preview of how it works in the EduGIF below! And then, below the EduGIF, you can sign up for a free teacher EquatIO account!

This animated GIF shows the process of using the EquatIO Web Toolbar in Google Chrome to add mathematical equations and graphs to a number of platforms.

You can sign up for a free teacher account here!

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