Embedding Google Docs in Schoology “Pages”

Pages are a nice Materials option in Schoology.  They give a teacher the ability to include more flexible learning content and are awesome in blended courses.

Sometimes you may want to add an already created Google Doc (or slides, sheet, etc.) along with some text content in a page.  Below is how you can do that (note that if you want just the doc without other content before or after it, you’d follow a different process).  First is an animated GIF, followed by the step-by-step instructions.

Add Doc into Schoology Page Animation

  1. Make sure you’ve connected the Google Drive App.
    1. (inside Resources > Apps)
  2. Create your Google Doc
  3. Go to Materials Page in your Schoology Course
  4. Click Add Materials
  5. Click Add Page
  6. Click the Insert Content Button
  7. Select the Google Drive Resource App
  8. Click the checkbox by the file you want to add
  9. Click Insert > Embed.
  10. Add text or other content before or after the doc if you’d like.

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Jake Miller

Jake is the host of the Educational Duct Tape podcast, the #EduGIF Guy, a Tech Integration Coach, speaker, Former STEM, Math & Science Teacher, and a presenter.