#EduDuctTape Twitter Chat – 9/11/19

The 2nd #EduDuctTape Twitter Chat was lots of fun with lots of learning!  We discussed 5 questions from Episode 26 of the Educational Duct Tape Podcast which featured Tony Vincent as a guest and a quote from Toney Jackson.

There were sooooo many awesome things shared but, thanks to some help from some #EduDuctTape “Street Team” volunteers, here is a curated list of some highlights for you!

Below, you’ll find those selected responses in this order Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5 and then Q1.  Since Q1 was silly & fun, I’ve chosen to end with that one.  Check it all out below!


Q2 focused on this episode’s SoapBox Moment: “The Best Teacher that I’ve Ever Been.”


Q3 focused on helping students own and remember classroom procedures & expectations.


Q4 focused on helping students get to know each other.


Based off of the “What else do you know that I haven’t asked you yet?” technique that some teachers use in assessments, I decided to add a Bonus question this week. Lots of great responses here!


Q1 And Now back to the beginning! Tony shared 3 statements in 2 Truths & 1 Lie: He is afraid of frogs; he naps every day; and he prefers white cake. I asked the Duct Tapers, which do you agree with? Let’s see what they said…

Oh no, he’s back again.

My SoapBox once again, somehow, participated in the chat. Here are some of his tweets. I’m thinking SoapBox and I need to go to some counseling sessions together…

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