#EduDuctTape Twitter Chat 10.23.19

In episode 29 of the Educational Duct Tape Podcast,  Jon Corippo, Chief Learning Officer for CUE & coauthor of EduProtocols Field Guides 1 and 2.  Also, in the Soapbox Moment, I discussed my thoughts on focused persistence and how my daughter taught me to make changes in the classroom happen “tissue by tissue.”

A week after the episode went live, I was joined on Twitter by dozens of “Duct Tapers” who were eager to talk about the content from this episode!  Below are some of the best tweets from the chat, curated by me and some of the #EduDuctTape “Mighty Ducts” volunteers.

Below, you’ll find those selected responses for each question.  As always, since Q1 was silly & fun, we’ll save that one for last.  Check it all out below!


Q2 focused on this episode’s SoapBox Moment: “Tissue by Tissue: Focused Persistence.”


In Q3 participants answered this question: “What formative assessment tool can an educator use to determine what next steps they should take with the class?”
Big thanks to David Allan for curating this list!


Q4 focused on the following question: “How can teachers teach better and work less?”
Big thanks to David Allan for curating this list.


Q5 is based on the “What else do you know that I haven’t asked you yet?” technique that some teachers use in assessments!
Big thanks to David Allan for curating this list.


And Now back to the beginning! In the episode, I asked Jon 2 “Which of the Following Would Be Less Torturous?” questions.  The first of those 2 questions was Q1 for the chat. See some of our favorite responses here:

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