#EduDuctTape 📖 Sketchnote Chapter 6

This image shows the cover of the book Educational Duct Tape: An EdTech Integration Mindset. The cover is blue and shows the title in orange lettering on duct tape. It also shows the text "Your Guide to Selecting the Right Tools for Your Classroom" and includes Jake Miller's name.I’m back with another Educational Duct Tape: An EdTech Integration Mindset sketchnote! Each of these sketchnotes, created by Jen Giffen shares the anecdotes, stories, and messages from one chapter of the book. Today’s sketchnote covers Chapter 6: “Ramen Noodle, Lonely Nights, & Loud Kids” and a fun example of The Problem-Solution Pattern that is discussed in the book in connection to how we use educational technology. By the way, did you know that you can grab your copy of the book here?

This sketchnote shows the title of Chapter 6 of the Educational Duct Tape Book: "Ramen Noodle, Lonely Nights, & Loud Kids" and demonstrates "The Problem-Solution Pattern." The image shows a sketch of Jake, holding his duct tape, and looking at a bowl of Ramen noodle with the text "I ate a lot of cheap ramen" followed by a bag of money, and a picture of a school building and the text "So I got a job."

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Jake Miller

Jake is the host of the Educational Duct Tape podcast, the #EduGIF Guy, a Tech Integration Coach, speaker, Former STEM, Math & Science Teacher, and a presenter.