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#EduDuctTape: Chris Nesi – Podcasting in the Classrom

#EduDuctTape S04-E71

Podcast host, high school teacher, podcast producer, university professor, and podcast network founder Chris Nesi joins the show to talk all about podcasting in the classroom. We cover a podcasting mindset, different types of podcasting, tools for micro-podcasting, tools for recording, editing, and hosting, and, of course, a few microphone recommendations.

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  • Soapbox Moment: Throwback: “We Are Michael Jordan Playing Baseball”
  • Today’s Guest: Chris Nesi
  • 2 Truths & 1 Lie
  • Educational Duct Tape Question: How can we get students started with podcasting?
    • “Podcasting Mindset” – It doesn’t have to be about the tech!
    • Students have passions. Podcasting or speaking about their passions and giving them opportunities to share what they know about content.
    • The goal isn’t about launching on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Schools & classrooms are the safe space for them to fail and learn.
    • There are alternate mediums for podcasts – Slides with audio, PDFs, etc. Just need to use the right tool at the right time.
    • Micro-podcasting examples: Mote in Google Slides, Flipgrid mic only mode, audio files in padlet, etc — Focus on content creation!
    • How to get students interested or exposed to listening to podcasts?
      • Encourage student to Google “what you’re interested in” podcast
      • Teachers can find amazing podcasts related to content. Even ones with students as hosts.
    • The Pod Journal
    • Podcasting record & editing options:
    • Publishing Resources – Decide your path first
      • Anchor (careful with age restrictions)
      • Google Site, Seesaw, LMS – anywhere you can share audio files!
      • Libsyn
      • SoundTrap EDU has an option too
    • Equipment isn’t THAT important. Built in equipment is okay. Great content trumps quality. However, If you’re going to invest:
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