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#EduDuctTape: Jenallee – Fun Projects with Canva, Buncee, Book Creator, Wakelet, and PowerPoint

#EduDuctTape S04-E67

Jeni Long and Sallee Clark join to talk about fun projects that students can do to demonstrate their learning. The Microsoft Teams Playbook authors share about Canva for Edu, Buncee, Book Creator, Wakelet, and PowerPoint. Also, Jake answers listener questions about word clouds, Jamboard, and Seesaw.

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  • Soapbox Moment: A Throwback!!! “Adjacent Possible”
  • Today’s Guest: Jeni Long  Sallee Clark (su-lee)
    • Bio: Jeni Long & Sallee Clark are global speakers, EdTech consultants, bloggers, & authors. Together, they have 40 years of experience in education. This dynamic duo, known as Jenallee, is passionate about empowering teachers with technology integration and offering ways to make learning accessible & fun for all!
    • Contact Info:
    • Their Book: The Microsoft Teams Playbook
  • The EdTech Newlywed Game
  • Educational Duct Tape Question: “What kinds of fun projects can my students do to show their learning?”
    • Canva for Edu
      • Often there’s too much text used
      • Great for teacher or student creations
      • Templates
      • Comic strips
      • “Dynamic website”
      • Peardeck integration
      • Free Canva for Edu
      • “LMS” features
      • Canva Course by Jenallee
    • Buncee
      • Templates
      • Great community of educators
      • Multimedia presentations – add links, images, audio, video, draw to presentations
      • Collaborative boards
      • Integration with Teams – use Buncee question cards as formative assessments in Team, share cards within the meeting
      • Choice Boards templates
      • Capstone, Pebble Go integration
    • Book Creator
    • Wakelet
    • PowerPoint
  • Celebration of the Adjacent Possible
  • Audio Endorsements for Jake’s Book:
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