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#EduDuctTape – Stacey Roshan: Tech With Heart x #EduDuctTape

#EduDuctTape S04-E02

Today, Stacey Roshan joins me for a special chat (it’s available as a video too!) where we discuss her flipped math classroom, her EdTech evolution, and the parallels between her book Tech With Heart and my book Educational Duct Tape:  An EdTech Integration Mindset.

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    • Today’s Guest: Stacey Roshan is Director of Innovation & Educational Technology at Bullis School and author of Tech with Heart: Leveraging Technology to Empower Student Voice, Ease Anxiety, & Create Compassionate Classrooms. She also teaches math and her flipped classroom approach has been featured in media outlets such as USA Today and CNN. Stacey is passionate about bringing innovative tools into the classroom to create a safe learning environment for all students to find their voice and build confidence.

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