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#EduDuctTape – Dr. Monica Burns – Leveraging Choice & Agency to Hear from All Students

#EduDuctTape S03-E57

EdTech and Curriculum Consultant and Easy EdTech Podcast host Dr. Monica Burns joins me to identify ways that we can hear from ALL of our students. Her suggestion? Select tools that can give our learners choice and agency in how we hear from them! Tune in to hear what tools she suggests!

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  • A new social media tool – Clubhouse
  • 2 Truths & 1 Lie
  • Educational Duct Tape Question:  How can I hear from all of my students?
    • Giving kids choice, agency, and options increases your ability to hear from everyone.
    • What tools can assist with providing choice?
    • Remove barriers for students by selecting tools that allow more students to participate.
    • Ask yourself, “How can we leverage tools that my students and I already use?”
    • Seesaw – An any age tool!
      • Seesaw breakdown:
        • Teachers push out activities (assignments) to students.
        • Students can respond to an activity as directed or more open ended.
        • Many ways for students to respond and show their work – Picture, video, draw, video of drawing, text, links, files, audio
      • Seesaw can act as a LMS. Think Google Classroom + digital portfolio + parent communication!
      • The Easy Ed Tech Podcast episode discusses Seesaw + Book Creator:
      • I already have Google Classroom. Do I need Seesaw?” – It doesn’t have to be an either/or. Depends on goals and learning environment.
      • Could be used for only a couple of students for those that need more ways to respond.  Lots of complementary aspects of using it.
    • BookCreator – audio, video, picture responses for students.
    • Padlet
    • Easy Ed Tech podcast – “My #1 EdTech Tip for Teachers”
    • Google Slides is another great example of an easy tool that can be leveled up and has many uses. It depends on your intention of using it.
    • When you try things out, we find out what direction we want to take.
    • “You don’t know what you don’t know!”
  • Celebration of the Adjacent Possible
    • Jay Strumwasser’s SpeakPipe message
    • @Mad4CLE’s Tweet
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