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#EduDuctTape – Eric Curts – Creative Projects with Docs, Slides, and Sheets

#EduDuctTape S03-E56

Control Alt Achieve author Eric Curts joins me to talk about creative projects with Docs, Slides, and Sheets including Stop Motion Animation, Choose Your Own Adventure Activities, Emoji Learning Activities, Rebus Stories, Blackout Poetry, and Pixel Art! We also touch on Canva for Education, Adobe Spark for Education, Google Forms headers, flashcard makers like Quizlet and, and more!

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  • Soapbox Moment: “Quack Quack”
  • Today’s Guest: Eric Curts
    • Eric has been in education for 29 years, and is currently a tech coach in northeast Ohio and a Google for Education Trainer and Innovator. He shares all his edtech resources through his blog at and is the author of the book “Control Alt Achieve: Rebooting Your Classroom with Creative Google Projects”.
    • Twitter – @ericcurts
    • YouTube – EricCurts
    • Facebook – EricCurts

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