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Casey Hall: EdTech in Music Classes

#EduDuctTape S03-E50

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    • Today’s Guest: Mr. Casey Hall
      • Bio: Casey is a Fine Arts Education Program Specialist at the Georgia Department of Education where he supports Fine Arts Teachers across the state of Georgia. At the time of the recording, he was the Fine Arts Support Teacher (FAST) for Fulton County School (FCS) and the Music Specialist at Wolf Creek Elementary in Atlanta, Georgia. As a FAST (Fine Arts Support Teacher), he coached and supported other music teachers across the Fulton County Schools. Most recently, he was awarded the title of 2019-2020 South Learning Community Teacher of the Year for Fulton County Schools. 
      • Contact Info: @mrhallpass (Twitter/Instagram)

  •  2 Truths & 1 Lie
  • #EduDuctTape Question: How can we implement technology in the music classroom to engage students in music-learning and music-making?
    • Casey advocates for the use of edtech in order to be culturally relevant for your students
    • Casey’s question for himself: “How are my students making music each day”
    • Mobile apps to use as a tuner or as an instrument
    • NearPod
      • Initially, Casey used it all on his teacher screen
      • As time went on and Casey got access to more devices, he increased his use of its formative assessment features
      • Nearpod can still be useful if you’re not 1:1, Casey has used with students in groups or in stations
      • The use of Nearpod for data collection across multiple classes and 100s of students was valuable for Casey
      • Nearpod VR allows him to present in a more rich way
        • One of the music education standards involving connecting music to other elements and showing a location relating to the music hits this.
      • Draw It slides to draw rhythms, show compositions, etc. to replace paper processes
    • Flipgrid – for Chorus auditions
    • Incredibox – premade loops
    • GarageBand – not the best in primary grades
    • Casey’s advice: start small, it’s okay to take small steps.
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