Tisha Poncio & Digital Portfolios – #EduDuctTape 47

Tisha Poncio, Digital Portfolios, Student Tech Teams, Google Sites, Wakelet, Padlet, Buncee, Google Slides, Microsoft Sway, bulb, Seesaw, and more!

#EduDuctTape S03-E047

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  • SoapBox Moment: Booboos & Caterwauls
  • Today’s Guest: Tisha Poncio
    • Tisha Poncio has served in education for the last 20 years as a teacher (English, Web Design, Graphic Design, Computer Information Systems, & Broadcast Journalism) and as a digital learning specialist t for the last 12 years. She’s a Google Certified Trainer, Wakelet, Flipgrid & Buncee Ambassador, and was named a finalist in 2018 for Instructional Technology Specialist of the Year in Texas.
    • Contact Info: @TXTechChick on Twitter, Empowered Educator on Facebook, @TishaPoncio on Wakelet, or email at tishajponcio@gmail.com

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Tisha Poncio on the Educational Duct Tape Podcast: “It is the most amazing thing to watch your students become so empowered by the things they are learning about themselves while they are doing a resume or a portfolio.”
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