This image shows the Educational Duct Tape logo alongside the artwork for the Reimagine Schools podcast, which also includes the text "with Dr. Greg Goins." The other text in the image says Season 5 Bonus Episode: Reimagine Schools, 10.20.21."

#EduDuctTape BONUS: Reimagine Schools

#EduDuctTape S05-BONUS

This bonus episode features a conversation that I had with Dr. Greg Goins on his Reimagine Schools Podcast about student-paced classrooms, student choice, personalized learning, and social media for professional learning.

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Check out the Reimagine Schools Podcast here.

Check out this episode, as well as the show notes, here.

This episode is featured with the permission of Dr. Greg Goins, host of the Reimagine Schools Podcast.

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