EDPUZZLE Adds an Upload Option to Student Projects

EDPUZZLE Adds an Upload Option to Student Projects

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While at ISTE, I also visited the Edpuzzle booth and learned that Edpuzzle has added the option for students to upload videos to their own projects. As a teacher, I’ve always been able to create a project for my students to watch and answer questions on. I could add videos from YouTube, which is what I do a lot of, I could also easily add them from Screencastify or from right in  Edpuzzle, and I could also easily upload videos from my computer and add in questions. 

Next, they added the ability for the teacher to assign a project to students where they make their own Edpuzzle creations. In the past, students were only able to use YouTube videos. Now students can add uploaded videos too. For instance, maybe they made a video in Flip, downloaded it from Flip, and then uploaded their video into Edpuzzle. 

In the “add content” area of Edpuzzle, we are used to seeing “discover video content, upload a video, or record a video”. Next in line is “student project”, which may not have been used by too many teachers, but is an area where you can assign students to do their own Edpuzzle creation.


When I go into that section, it all looks familiar. Give the project a subject, a goal, and instructions. However, now I’ve got two options for video sources. The first is to find a video, which was always there, but the second option is, “Upload a Video”.

One application I can see that would be really nice in a videography class or cinematography class where kids are making videos for projects. They could upload their video and then add questions to see what their classmates or teacher think of certain parts of the video they’re creating.

Give these new Edpuzzle applications a try, and let me know what you think!

📺 Check this out in video form on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts. 📺


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