Concat, Concatenate and &

Nope. ¬†They have nothing to do with cats. ¬†Sorry. ¬†If you’re here for the cat memes, you’re going to have to look elsewhere.

They are two Google Sheets formulas that are very useful if you’re organizing information in Google Sheets. ¬†Have first names in one column and last names in another, but need them combined? ¬†Concat¬†has your back. ¬†Have a student’s grade number, but need it to be written out (7th grade instead of just 7) for a mail merge? ¬†Concat is here to help.

Need to combine more than 2 things? ¬†i.e., first, middle & last name? ¬†Concatenate¬†can help you out. ¬†It’s the same as¬†Concat but it works for more than 2 items.

The & operator can perform the same tasks. ¬†It’s all personal preference.

Some tips are listed below the GIF.

Concat & Concatenate Animation

  • Basic format: =CONCAT(first thing, second thing)
    • =CONCATENATE(first thing, second thing, third thing, fourth thing….)
    • =first thing & second thing & third thing
  • The items in the formula can be cell references like here: =CONCAT(A1, B1)
  • The items in the formula can be regular text, just use quotation marks: =CONCAT(“me”, “ow)”.
  • When combining text strings, it puts them together with nothing in between them, so if you want a space, you’ll have to add it yourself – use ” ” if needed – the space is held between those quotation marks.

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