ChatGPT Adds a Paid Plan

ChatGPT Changes

On February 10th, Open AI announced that there are now two different ChatGPT plans – a free plan and a $ 20-a-month ChatGPT Plus plan. For those of you bummed to lose full access, look on the bright side – I really expected them to take away the free plan entirely.

How are the plans different?

Free Plan:

  • only available when demand is low 
  • standard response speed
  • will receive regular model updates

Plus Plan:

  • will always be available
  • will have a faster response speed
  • will get you priority access to new features.

A few minor ChatGPT updates:

They’ve made a few updates to the model since it first launched and, recently, they added the ability to stop generating a response. This is nice when ChatGPT is giving you a long-winded answer that you don’t need.

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