Change your Default Font in Google Docs

Arial 11!?  Seriously, Google!?  Does anyone like their Docs to be typed in Arial 11?

Here’s how to change your default font style so that it’s what you typically use, so that you don’t have to do it each time.  In the GIF below, I show how to change your “Normal Text.”  Note that you can follow the same steps to change the default formatting for titles, headings, etc.

Here’s the animated process, followed by the step-by-step directions

Change Default Font Style Animation

  1. Type some text.
  2. Change the style of that text to what you’d like your default to be.
  3. Click the Text Styles dropdown, go to Normal Text (of whichever you’re changing).
  4. Click “Update Normal Text to match.”
  5. Optional: Repeat 1-4 to change any other text styles (i.e. Title, Subtitle, Heading 1, etc.) that you’d like to change.
  6. Click the Text Styles dropdown again.
  7. Go down to options and select “Save as my default styles.”

Note: I covered this, along with other things, in the video in one of my earliest posts, but I decided to update & upgrade with this post.

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