4 Formative Assessment Tools for Rich Insights

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This post is part of a series of posts based on content from my book Educational Duct Tape: An EdTech Integration Mindset. In each chapter (aside from the first and last chapters), I pose a question that a teacher might have and suggest a handful of educational technology tools that have the potential to be the right answer.

This question comes from Chapter 4 of the book. The infographic below features the 4 tools that I recommend for rich formative assessment data. There are 5 other tools that I mention as alternatives within the chapter, but these are the 4 that I consider the best choices for most educators.

Tools for quick formative assessments are covered in Chapter 3 as well as in this infographic. Stay tuned for future infographics that cover formative assessment tools for use within instruction (Chapter 11) or within videos (Chapter 12).

Need a bit more information to decide which tool is best for you? I elaborate on each of them in the book!

How can I get rich formative assessment data about my students’ learning?

This infographic is for the #EduDuctTape question "How can I get rich formative assessment data about my students’ learning?" The image shows a girl wearing a backpack, some books, the logos for the 4 tools, and a smartphone screen with the following text on it: "Formative - Ask students for a wide variety of response types including text, drawings, and images; see and respond to student answers in real time; and track student progress to learning standards. Classkick - Teachers ask a variety of questions, even ones with manipulatives. Students respond with text, images, audio, drawings and more. Students can provide anonymous support to their peers. Edulastic - See rich, standards- aligned data from this platform’s wide variety of standardized test-like question types. Also: an extensive question bank + lots of math features. Flipgrid - Students show what they know with video or audio responses that they can edit and enhance with images, drawings, and more! Plus, give them video or audio feedback!"
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In the book Educational Duct Tape: An EdTech Integration Mindset I cover formative assessment tools across multiple chapters.  In this one, I discuss tools that may take a little longer to set up, use, and reflect on, but will offer richer data and a better peek into our students’ comprehension.

Check out the image to learn a bit about 4 of my favorite tech tools for this – Formative, Classkick, Edulastic, and Flipgrid. Plus, grab your free PDF version of this infographic by signing up for my newsletter. And, bonus, if I change my recommendations or add tools to the infographic later, you’ll get an update in your inbox!