Background Removal and more, in Canva Video!

Wait, more Canva stuff? That’s right – they’ve upgraded their Video tool too!

It already lets you upload video clips, but you can now drag and drop them on a timeline and perform basic editing tasks with them as well. These basic tasks include trimming clips, splitting clips, and resizing them! It also already lets you access a ton of templates, add text elements, add slick transitions, insert some of Canva’s familiar graphic elements, kick your videos up a notch with music, audio tracks, and sound effects. You can add your own voiceovers or narration, and, there’s more.

This first one is a big one….They’re now letting us remove backgrounds from videos!!!

This is a Pro feature but, once again, it is free on education accounts. In my testing, there doesn’t seem to be a limit to how long of a video it can remove backgrounds from either. I did it on videos that are 18 seconds long and 54 seconds long. Obviously, the longer the video, the longer it’ll take. The only downside with this tool is you can’t modify how it removes the background. And, since it’s done by AI, the removal isn’t always perfect. Did it take out something it shouldn’t have? Did it leave in something it should’ve taken out? Nothing you can do about it. But, seriously, that’s like complaining about free pizza because it doesn’t have banana peppers on it.

This is an awesome, awesome feature and I’m excited to play with it more, even if I’d like to add some banana peppers along with the sausage and pepperoni.

And, another new feature: they’ve added new animation tools that let us adjust the type, speed, style, or direction of video animations! 

Again, all of these features are available on the free education accounts!

And guess what – I’ve got at least 2 more Canva updates that I’m going to save for the next blog post! Make sure you’re subscribed, following, getting notified, and all of that so that you don’t miss it.

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