6 Tools for Bite-Sized Tech Instructions

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This post is part of a series of posts based on content from my new book Educational Duct Tape: An EdTech Integration Mindset. In each chapter (aside from the first and last chapters), I pose a question that a teacher might have and suggest a handful of educational technology tools that have the potential to be the right answer.

This question comes from Chapter 2 of the book. The infographic below features 6 of the 8 tools that I discuss in the book. Need a bit more information to decide which tool is best for you? I elaborate on each of the 8 tools in the book!

How can I create “bite-sized” instructions for how to do something with technology?

How can I create “bite-sized” instructions for how to do something with technology? Camtasia - Sophisticated screencast video-editor makes great #EduGIFs. WeVideo - Create awesome #EduGIFs on Chromebooks and more with the paid version. Screencastify - Create #EduGIFs in Chrome, even in the free version. Screencast-O-Matic - Export #EduGIFs in the paid version. Snagit - Create annotated screenshots or #EduGIFs in this Mac/PC Software. iorad - Automate the creation of tutorials that can be viewed as silent videos, pdfs, or interactive tutorials.
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The obvious answer here is what I post a lot of on this page–#EduGIFs–but there are multiple options for making them and t

here are alternatives to #EduGIFs as well!

You might be a tech coach, tech teacher, or that teacher who voluntarily shares tech tips with everyone. If so, this infographic is for you. Or maybe, you introduce so many new technological tools or processes in your class that you need to provide instructions on using them. If so, this infographic may also be for you.

Check out the image to learn a bit about 6 of my favorite tech tools for this – Camtasia, WeVideo, Screencastify, Screencast-O-Matic, Snagit, and iorad. Plus, grab your free PDF version of this infographic by signing up for my newsletter. And, bonus, if I change my recommendations or add tools to the infographic later, you’ll get an update in your inbox!

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