GIF Creation with Screencastify

Screencastify isn’t the best screencasting tool, but it might be the easiest one for in the classroom.  And the numbers prove that: 22 million videos were recorded in Screencastify during the 2017-18 school year.  There are good reasons for those numbers, too: it’s free, it’s easy to use and it syncs up with Google Drive.

If you happen to have access to Screencastify Premium, you have the ability to create GIFs, too!  Just click save to disk and export as animated GIF after recording a screencast.  That’s it!  Since you’re using Premium, you can even do some editing prior to exporting the video.  Check out the process in the animated GIF below (note: I made the GIF in Camtasia, not Screencastify):

Screencastify GIF Creation Animation

Increase Font Size Incrementally

Darn. I thought I had that slide layout just right, but there’s a little extra space that I want to use.  Maybe if I raise the text in the body to 15-point and the heading to 37-point.  click, click, click, click, click… not quite.  Maybe 16 and 38. click, click, click, click, click…

I wish there was an easier way . . . BAM! There is! I learned this tip in an episode of the Shukes & Giff Podcast (named for the hosts, Kim Pollishuke & Jen Giffen). Select the text box (or multiple textboxes 🤯) and press ⌘ + Shift + . and it’ll increase all of the text by 1-point.  Just keep going until you get to the perfect size.  Need to make it smaller?  Replace that . with a , (by the way, I’m sure that they were selected because they’re > and <, but anyhow…).  It’s a handy little trick to get your layout just right. (post continues below GIF)

Increase Font Size in Slides Animation

And then I wondered . . . does this work in Docs!?  Yup.  Highlight the text and use the same keyboard shortcuts (double 🤯).   (post continues below GIF)

Increase Font Size in Docs Animation

Drawings!?  Yup (triple 🤯).    (post continues below GIF)

Increase Font Size in Drawings Animation

What about Sheets!?  Nope.  Sorry.  Don’t push it.